Mara Facility Services was formed in 1987 by Mark Bishop and Justin Richefond. Starting out as a cleaning company they plied their hand at a vast range of cleaning jobs from their office based in Free Trade Wharf. As the demand for their services increased they now had to employ office staff to handle the phones and a warehouseman.

It was then that it became apparent to the co-founders that, if they can clean everything, should they not then supply the cleaning products as well; this led to the need for bigger premises and more staff not just to handle the weight of orders coming in, but also more delivery drivers to ensure the products were received within a 3 day KPI they set themselves.

Word soon spread that Mara, who were now providing services and supplies to many, could offer what most other companies could not, the convenience of dealing with one company for all your needs. In the early 90’s Mara made their first moves to secure their place in the Property Management sector, winning cleaning contracts with a big Managing Agent who looked after multiple sites.

With the turn of the century, there was once again a chance to change and adapt to the needs of market. We did this by expanding our product and services range to incorporate Property Management necessities, from cleaning products to stationary, carpet cleaning to pest control; in essence, Making Building Manageable.

The continued growth of the company that was stated by 2 people now has between 85-90 employees. We needed more space and so moved once more, but as with the previous premises’, we stayed in the East London area within the community where we started. It is from this office that today we work with some of the biggest managing agents in the country.

The next step in our journey, Mara Green……..


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