The meaning of a community is much more than the dictionary term defines it. Community means people working together to constantly maintain and improve the place they live in, which is why helping out your community is so important. 


Support local businesses

Small local businesses benefit the local community and help it thrive in lots of different ways. These include bringing in jobs and by selling locally produced products, as well as helping create a community identity, giving it a unique character. Local businesses also tend to be big supporters of the community by sponsoring or hosting events, enabling everyone to get together, join in and meet up.

Often local business owners build relationships with its customers, forming friendships with people and are often a place for people to go to enjoy good company and meet with friends and family, so supporting these businesses can be great for your community.

How to help

 1. Visiting and using these local businesses is a great way to help support and ensure that they carry on

 2. Host an event, such as a festival, to increase the exposure of the community and in turn bring more customers to the local businesses





 Improve the greenness of your community


No one wants to live in a dirty and polluted area, not only does it ruin the areas asthetics, it can also lead to health issues, so ensuring that we try and keep these levels down is very beneficial for the residents in the community. In areas like London where green areas aren’t always easy to create, cleaning up and maintaining existing local community areas can be extremely important. Making sure these areas are usable for everyone can mean that they can be used for recreational activities, bringing the community more places to hang out and do, while improving living conditions and potentially helping to keep crime rates down.

How to help

1. Cars and traffic are a large contributor to pollution, so one way to help this is by encouraging car shares, taking public transport or other means of transport, such as cycling or walking. This then reduces the amount of traffic and vehicles on the roads, lowering pollution levels

2. Join or start up an environmental group in your area where you can host things such as a big litter picking event

3. Encourage others to Recycle

4. With permission help plant trees and flowers around the area

5. Set up your very own plot in a local community garden


Help more vulnerable members of the community

Ghandi once said that ‘The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’. At the moment our country is going through a care crisis, as funding for care is not enough and many people aren’t getting the help they need. Often these victims are of the older generation or people with mental health conditions and they are being left on their own, resulting in many of these vulnerable people becoming depressed and their health deteriorating.

How to help

1. Visit local senior citizens in your neighbourhood. Just having a chat with them for an hour can make a huge difference to their lives

2. Volunteer at a care centre for elderly people or mental health hospitals.

3. Donate money to these care centres or help raise money for them


Improve education for local children


Not only is education very important to children’s development, potentially changing their lives, children are also the worlds future, so making sure they are getting the proper education they deserve is extremely important. At the moment, a lot of schools around the country don’t have enough funding or resources to make sure their education is adequate. So, supporting your local school can have great benefits for your community.

How to help

1. Donate to the school to help them buy supplies and other valuable resources that will improve the school

2. Volunteer at your school, either through being a classroom assistant, cleaner or help out on school trips


Donate to charity



 If you don’t have time to do any of the above. A quick easy way to give back to your community is to donate money or goods to a local charity. These charities are in desperate need of donations to help them keep going and improving the lives of people around you. With your donations, you could potentially be making somebody in your community’s life so much better, which can in turn make your community a much better place to live.

How to help

1. Donate money or possessions

 2. Attend or host a charity event

 3. Volunteer your time to help these organisations out



To celebrate 30 successful years of business, Mara are donating to 30 charities. Throughout September the team will be donating to a different charity every day.

"Being a part of our London community is incredibly important to us, so giving back is the only natural thing for us to do."

Pop over to any of our social media to keep up to date with our September donations #thirtydaysofMara



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