Be a part of a cause

If you believe in the work that a particular charity is doing, donating to them allows you to contribute to the cause and shows that you stand with and believe in them. Often charities are like communities that bring likeminded people closer together, so when you start contributing to one it gives you the opportunity to get involved with a group of people.


Every little helps

If you don’t think you will be able to offer much to a charity, it is often the case that they will be grateful for anything, no matter how little it is. All small donations has the potential to make a big difference in the long run and lead to a positive change. If you can’t donate money there are other ways to help out including donating possessions, like old or unwanted clothes and items around your house, which can be used in charity shops or given to people in need. Any leftover food that you can spare could be taken to homeless shelters or other charities that are in need of it. Another way to help is through volunteering your time, helping out with any practical jobs that need to be done. You don’t need to spend a long time doing this, even a couple of hours a week or a month can make a huge difference.


Put a smile on someone else’s face

A large majority of charities are run to better the life of a certain demographic. Giving to one of them can make someone else’s life a lot better and bring them great joy. Donations to the charity could potentially be lifesaving for people and they would be very grateful that this work and charity is being done for them. Not only do you make the recipients of the charity happy, it will also make the people that run, believe in and dedicate their time to the charity, as well as the friends and family of those people effected, very happy.


Put a smile on your own face

Humans are very empathetic creatures, so when we see people and animals in need, or a cause that will make the world a better place, we immediately want to help. Volunteering your time or money and knowing that it is going to a great cause and is making a difference, potentially improving lives is a great feeling.  Even science has agreed, with recent research that has been conducted showing that giving to charity activates the part of the brain that is associated with pleasure, making you feel happier. So giving to charity is a quick way to boost your happiness and make you feel good about something you have done!



To celebrate 30 successful years of business, Mara are donating to 30 charities. Throughout September the team will be donating to a different charity every day.

Being apart of our London community is incredibly important to us, so giving back is the only natural thing for us to do.

Pop over to any of our social media to keep up to date with our September donations: #thirtydaysofMara

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