1. We can handle all your building management needs

Replace your existing multi-company maintenance service with a single source building management service and save time, energy and money. After all, the age of the Rolodex is over, so why do you still have so many numbers to keep track of?


2. Stop guessing what the problem is

There’s a funny noise, an odd smell, the air con isn’t working quite as it should, your tenant called and left an incomprehensible but urgent message...who do you call? Most landlords and building managers have to make their own diagnosis of the problem and call the appropriate company. All too often this means paying an expensive call out charge for one company only to be told it’s not their area – or worse, that it is, but they can’t fix it until you’ve got another company to come in and do some work first. With a one-stop-shop building maintenance service, you’ll have one number to call for any problem and an expert will come out to do the diagnostic work for you.

3. Easily schedule mixed skill maintenance and repairs

A pipe leaks damaging plaster and affecting nearby wiring. When you’re dealing with multiple service providers, every small set back, such as a delay in sourcing plumbing supplies, can mean that one of your team wastes a morning rescheduling the rest of the project. Hand this tedious admin over to the dedicated team at Mara Facility Services and we’ll make sure the right trades turn up in the right order, whatever surprises and set backs they encounter along the way.

4. Improve routine maintenance

When you’re dealing with multiple companies, it’s all too easy for things to be done in the wrong order, leading to inefficiency and waste. As an example, we’ve seen routine safety checks, such as PAT testing or gas safety certification may be scheduled just before maintenance work which meant that the whole system had retested. As a complete maintenance provider, Mara Facility Services are able to smooth out these bumps in the road, keeping your systems online and saving you time and money. We’ll also make sure that routine maintenance is carried out on an appropriate schedule, keeping your systems performing at their best for longer.

5. One number to call

For any problem, large or small, there’s only one number you need to call. Mara Facility Services has experienced team members working across every area of building maintenance, from pigeon removal experts to abseiling window cleaners working on high rise buildings, boiler experts to waste disposal teams. We offer routine maintenance plans as well as emergency call outs at any time of the day or night. Let us create a pleasant, safe and hygienic working environment so that your team can stay focussed on your core business, instead of worrying about a leaking tap, an overflowing recycling bin or a suspected mouse sighting.

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