Doing the right thing for the planet is often better for your business. You may be able to reduce costs, provide low or no cost perks for your staff or customers and improve efficiency, all by going green. Here are 5 ways environmentally friendly choices are better for your business.

Mara Facility Services was formed in 1987 by Mark Bishop and Justin Richefond. Starting out as a cleaning company they plied their hand at a vast range of cleaning jobs from their office based in Free Trade Wharf. As the demand for their services increased they now had to employ office staff to handle the phones and a warehouseman.

1. We can handle all your building management needs

Replace your existing multi-company maintenance service with a single source building management service and save time, energy and money. After all, the age of the Rolodex is over, so why do you still have so many numbers to keep track of?

The meaning of a community is much more than the dictionary term defines it. Community means people working together to constantly maintain and improve the place they live in, which is why helping out your community is so important.

About 51% of people in Britain report to give money to charity from time to time, however only 25% give on a monthly basis. Money donations are often seen as the most valuable way you can help a charity, as it allows the organisation to pay for everything that will help keep fighting for their cause. Nevertheless, if you can’t give money, there are many other ways you can help out. Giving to charity is very beneficial for many reasons…

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